The Holy Pony Express

VATICAN CITY — When the Vatican press office has an important letter, document or package to pick up or drop off, it uses its own private courier service.

The Vatican office had been using a car, but somehow it was decided to substitute it two years ago with a motorbike, which certainly can zip in and out of Rome’s famous traffic snarls a lot more easily.

The Vatican press office uses this motorbike for picking up and dropping off important documents

The Vatican press office uses this motorbike for picking up and dropping off important documents

Today the special bike got its official blessing by Father Federico Lombardi, head of the Vatican press office. Father Lombardi gathered everyone working in the press hall together to participate in the blessing ceremony held in the building’s courtyard.

Wearing a cream-colored embroidered stole, Father Lombardi asked us all to pray as he sprinkled holy water on the motorbike and the young men responsible for riding it.

The prayer he recited (which had been used for blessing cars but works just as well for two-wheelers) was especially nice, and I think a portion of it deserves to be reprinted here:

“Bless this motorbike, a wonderful instrument of communication invented by mankind. It shortens distances and makes communication and communion between people easier.

You, who are omnipotent and infinitely good, make sure that (the bike) does not cause increased risks and dangers and that it not be an instrument of death, but brings more joy to life and fraternal encounters.

For the person who rides this motorbike, keep them safe from distraction, nervous tension, impatience, intolerance, and breaking the rules of the road so that this, which is made for life, may always and only serve for life.

We ask this of you in the name of Jesus Christ, your son and our Lord.”

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4 Responses to The Holy Pony Express

  1. The Vatican courier service now uses a motorbike, instead of a car, since motorbikes can zoom through traffic much easier.

    The person riding the motorbike must be cautious and courteous, in order to prevent a serious accident that could result in a serious injury or death.

  2. Bob says:

    Who is the patron saint fort bikers….???!!!! I hope he has a holy helmet.

  3. Tony Spence says:

    Bob: The patron saint of motorcyclists is Our Lady of Grace. If you’ve ever been in traffic in Rome, you know she must be working overtime!

  4. Having a dedicated courier service anywhere you are is vital. With traffic the way they have it I think it is a great idea they came out with. Thanks for the great post.

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