Enough church stats to keep any numbers geek happy

Georgetown University’s Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate, known as CARA, now has a blog that digs into the whys and wherefores of statistical reports on the church.

For instance, a recent post compares data on how often Catholics attend church, as reported by various sources, balanced against actual counts of how many people are in the pews.

Another post looks at a recent Washington Post story, “Many Women Targeted by Faith Leaders,” which reported that one in 33 women who attend religious services said they had been the subject of an inappropriate sexual advance by a religious leader. CARA digs deeper into the report by Baylor University researchers of data from the General Social Survey and puts the statistic reported by the Post into more thorough context by explaining the question asked immediately before the one reported which had to do with women who worked for their church or synagogue.

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