Looking back at news as WWII began

While there are many publications and articles readily available about World War II, one of the best ways to catch a quick glimpse of history is to look at old news headlines.

Some, like the first headline below, sounded prophetic, as Pope Pius XII warned of the losses that the world would suffer. Other headlines give a good idea of what Catholics viewed as important at the very beginning of the war, such as the safety of children and shrines in Europe.

Here is a list of Catholic News Service headlines from August and early September 1939 to get an idea of news stories — the first draft of history. 

1) War may lose all, pope warns world in dramatic appeal (Aug. 28)

2) Bishop warns against misleading war slogans (Aug. 28)

3) Soviet-reich pact blow to ‘liberal’ dupes of communism (Aug. 28)

4) Nazi-communist pact forecast by Father LaFarge (Aug. 28)

5) Pope asks prayers that horrors of war be kept at minimum (Sept. 4)

6) Socialist party assails Russian-German pact (Sept. 4)

7) Priests, nuns conduct children on England to nondanger zones (Sept. 5)

8) War-torn Czestochowa is site of greatest of Polish shrines (Sept. 5)

9) Communism may be sole victor (as) war spreads, says priest (Sept. 11)

10) Priest urges ‘iron-clad’ U.S. neutrality (Sept. 11)

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  1. It is interesting to read the headlines from August and early September 1939, as World War II began.

    The safety of children and shrines of Europe were viewed as important by Catholics.

    Pope Pius XII warned of the losses the world would suffer, and asked people to pray, in order to keep the horrors of war at a minimum.

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