Most-viewed in August — sin and confession?

This CNS graphic illustrated the most-viewed story of August. (CNS/Emily Thompson)

This CNS graphic illustrated the most-viewed story of August. (CNS/Emily Thompson)

Sin and confession (see below) were two big topics in August, at least according to our monthly list of most-viewed stories. Vatican denials of rumored changes in the church — Nos. 5 and 8 below — were also big (it was, after all, ferragosto, when not much else happens in Rome).

Skim this list to see if there were any other stories you missed seeing last month. September will be busier, we promise.

1. Sin in America: Researchers attempt to find who’s good and who’s not (Aug. 14)

2. Low confession numbers prompt creative outreach by dioceses, churches (Aug. 5)

3. Nobody’s perfect: Remembering Ted Kennedy (Aug. 26 — not a story but a sample from our columns package for Catholic newspapers, this one written by the former president of The Catholic University of America.)

4. From rugs to riches: Vatican storage, repair department has it all (July 31)

5. Top Vatican official dismisses talk of rollback on Vatican II (Aug. 28)

6. Pope confirms visit to Shroud of Turin; new evidence on shroud emerges (July 27)

7. Media watchdog: Pope takes wary approach to communications explosion (Aug. 21)

8. Vatican official downplays report of planned liturgical reforms (Aug. 25)

9. Working paper outlines information being sought from religious orders (Aug. 4)

10. What message should Catholics send Congress on health care reform? (Aug. 4)

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