Priests and their chalices: an intimate connection

(James Baca, Denver Catholic Register)

(James Baca, Denver Catholic Register)

Editor Roxanne King has launched a new series, as part of the celebration of the Year for Priests, in the Denver Catholic Register on priests and their chalices called, simply enough, “A priest’s chalice.”

Priests, of course, can celebrate the Eucharist with any liturgically appropriate cup. Often many Catholics are unaware of the intimate connection between a priest and his personal chalice. They are many times gifts at ordinations or at special moments in the life of a priest or bishop.

Editor King begins the series with two first-person accounts about their connection to their personal chalices. The first is by Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput; the second is by Auxiliary Bishop James Conley. Both have short, moving stories about the cup each uses almost daily.

Next time you are at Mass, notice the chalice the priest is using. More than likely there is a story of family or friendship connected to it. Even more likely, it is a story he wouldn’t mind sharing.

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  1. Claire says:

    I just read King’s article today and auxiliary bishop Conley has quite a story behind his chalice. What a great idea for a column!

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