Sheen spotted on the subway

No, not Martin the actor, but the late Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen — on a book cover.

On Wednesday evening on the subway in Washington, I spotted a young man with shirt sleeves rolled up and tie loosened — obviously heading home from a long day at work.

He was plugged into his iPod and equipped with the requisite — these days anyway — laptop and BlackBerry. Nothing unusual about that sight, but what was a little out of the ordinary was that with all that high-tech gear, he was reading “old media” — a book. But what really caught my eye was its title: “Way to Happiness: An Inspiring Guide to Peace, Hope and Contentment,” by Archbishop Sheen. First printed in 1954, it was reprinted by Alba House and released in 1998.

It seems words written by an archbishop from the last century can still resonate with a member of the millennial generation.

And by the way — many folks might know this — Martin Sheen the actor has often told the story of  taking his stage surname from Archbishop Sheen because he admired the churchman’s style on his popular television broadcasts.

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2 Responses to Sheen spotted on the subway

  1. Pat says:

    What a great story. I’m 46, but I only recently acquainted myself with Bishop Sheen’s writings when I read his “Peace of Soul”. I’d highly recommend it as he cuts through the psychobabble of 20th century psychology and gets to the heart of our humanity.

  2. TR Haney says:

    Arch bishop was a superb ecumenist long before the word, ecumenism, was ever invented.
    He remains an inspiration to those who take preaching seriously.

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