What else was happening when Woodstock was going on?

What else was going on in the nation and around the world when hippies, flower power and the Age of Aquarius were being celebrated at the musical festival held on Max Yasgur’s farm in upper New York state in August of 1969?

Now that the dust seems to have settled from the events and commentary marking the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, here at CNS we thought we’d delve into the CNS archives and see what the news service was reporting on during that week, both nationally and internationally.

From an index of stories we had during the time Woodstook took place were these headlines: “Marijuana-tobacco controversy causes hostilities in generation gap”; “Catholics, Protestants riot in Londerry”; “British-Irish confrontation looms amid strife”; “Are people praying less, pope asks”; “36 arrested during Mass at Pentagon”; “Pope in Geneva helped ecumenism, Protestant leader says.”

On the 25th anniversary of Woodstock, we had coverage by our New York stringer at the time on an event sponsored by the New York Archdiocese dubbed “Godstock,” which drew thousands of Catholic young people to listen to music, give statements of Christian witness and just celebrate their faith.