Catholic advocates get specific on health care reform

Town hall meetings across the U.S. have stirred the passions of protesters opposed to health care reform in general or opposed to certain aspects of bills currently before Congress. Here’s a story about Catholic efforts on the health reform issue, including the viewpoint of  Catholics voicing their support for universal health care.

The Catholic Courier, newspaper of the Diocese of Rochester, N.Y., reports that many in that group are calling for a government-run health-insurance plan that would compete with private insurance, and mandate that all Americans have health insurance.

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4 Responses to Catholic advocates get specific on health care reform

  1. marc says:



  2. Jim says:

    So much has been stated so clearly by the Bishops. What we need is for the Catholic people to be informed and activated in every parish to add thier voices to the Bishops regarding this legislation. Get the word out to access the USCCB website, find out what the bishops are sayng and tell congress we want healthcare that supports life from conception to natural death and respects the conscience rights of healthcare workers and providers. We need this stated in the language of the bills in order to protect the unborn and conscience rights.

  3. Ralph Diamond says:

    Nineteen Democrats recently asked President Obama not to sign any bill that doesn’t explicitly exclude “abortion from the scope of any government-defined or subsidized health insurance plan” or any bill that allows a federal health board to “recommend abortion services be included under covered benefits or as part of a benefits package.” President Obama never responded and the Democrat majority in the House have struck down every amendment that would included such language.

    On July 31the Energy and Commerce Committee passed the Capps amendment that, while appearing to prohibit the abortion mandate in the healthcare overhaul, actually calls for the public plan to cover abortions and mandates that at least one abortion-covering plan be available in every U.S. region. The Capps amendment strikes down conscience protections establish with the Hyde act. Absent ironclad quarantines that reestablish the Hyde protections, President Obama’s so called healthcare reform will force Americans to fund the murder of the innocent child in the womb.

    From the seventieth century Cromwellian conquest of Ireland until 1829 Catholics in Great Britain where forced by the state to tithe the Protestant Church of England. That a state had the power to impose this tyranny on men, denying them their God given right of freedom of conscience, was a major reason our Founding Fathers rose up against the British crown. My opposition to the forced founding of the murder of the innocent child in the womb is a matter of conscience. One of President Obama’s first acts was the repeal, by executive order, of conscience protections for health care workers who refuse to participate in abortions or other health activities that violate their consciences. That President Obama and the Democrat majorities intent to tithe Americans to fund their cult of death is tyranny

  4. Pat says:

    I have read alot about the proposed reform and I must disagree with the some of the postings. I do believe that funding for abortions should be left out of the bill but then it should not be legal at all. I believe that there should be an expanded Medicaid system that includes coverage for the working poor and should now extend to those who have lost coverage due to the job losses in this declining economy.
    The entire population should not be subject to the mandates in this bill that will govern the type of coverage everyone has. We do not need HR3200, we do need immediate help for the newly and long term unemployed. When the economy recovers, I am sure these people would rather choose the type of coverage they have and not be subject to a massive government run program. Isn’t it evident what these government programs do to society? Once the government takes over our entire healthcare industry it will be unstoppable. Please take time to read further in the bill and see that State mandates will take precedence in determining what is a covered service – then check what services are covered in California for instance, state and city mandates.

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