On the Rise

If a mile away can be classified as “right under my nose,” then back in Detroit, a Capuchin-supported bakery named On the Rise has been operating for two years right under my nose.

dsc_0335Detroit’s my hometown. On the Rise is about one mile from where I grew up, and about one mile from where I go to Mass on Sundays when I am in Detroit. It’s also a block from the church where my mother was married and buried.

During a visit home from Washington, I heard about the bakery at the end of Mass last week and was determined to seek it out. It was easy enough to find. The bakery boasts many artisanal breads and coffees, but for my immediate needs, I purchased a peach pie for an after-Mass gathering. The father of the gathering’s host proclaimed it as “the best peach pie I’ve ever tasted.”

On the Rise has been taking its wares on the road as of late to parishes in the Archdiocese of Detroit, almost in the style of missionary priests on fundraising duty after having spent several years out of the country. Here, though, the bakers are providing intrigued shoppers a tangible good from an economically distressed section of a city itself in dire economic straits, which proves that good things can indeed come from unlikely places.

And since — like any bakery worth its salt — On the Rise makes doughnuts, my Catholic community in Detroit is considering putting in a standing order for them every Sunday after Mass. I can hardly wait to return.

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