Church ministries to jobless continue

CNS has written before — in blogs and news stories — about church groups reaching out to the unemployed.  These programs continue to pop up in church basements around the country as people continue to feel the effects of the economic tailspin.

Recent articles in The Catholic Voice, Omaha’s archdiocesan newspaper, and the Arkansas Catholic, Little Rock’s diocesan paper, show how this important church ministry not only provides the unemployed with practical tips but also gives them spiritual support.

Mike Geppart, organizer of a jobless support program at St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Omaha, said many people are currently facing unemployment for the first time and are dealing with a lot of anxiety, fear and uncertainty.

“Obviously you’re going to be discouraged and are almost embarrassed by it and therefore you don’t reach out,” he said. “But you need to reach out to helpful programs that are out there.”

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  1. Tracy Moh says:

    When I was unemployed in 2003, I was very worried and full of anxiety. I bought a Christian book one day. The book helped me to understand my emotions and taught me how to have faith in God. I have never been the same since. I am a living prove of good Christian teaching will make a difference.

    Sorry I am not able to put down the name of the book as it is in Chinese.

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