Pope fractures wrist in fall

UPDATE: Pope Benedict is undergoing a procedure under local anesthesia to set his wrist, the spokesman of Parini Hospital in Aosta told the Italian news agency ANSA. ANSA also said the pope asked to be treated like any other patient and had to wait in the radiology department for his X-ray, then again outside the surgical unit for the treatment room where the fracture was reduced.

SECOND UPDATE: Full story.

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI fell overnight, fracturing his right wrist. The pope was in the Salesian-owned chalet in the northern Italian Alps where he is vacationing.

Papal spokesman Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi said, “after a fall in his room overnight, the Holy Father suffered a slight fracture of his right wrist.”

“Nevertheless, in the morning the Holy Father celebrated Mass and had breakfast, then was accompanied to the hospital in Aosta where the slight fracture was discovered and his wrist was immobilized.”

Earlier, Father Lombardi told reporters that the 82-year-old pope was advised by his doctor to go to the hospital for tests.

When asked if the pope lost consciousness, Father Lombardi told CNS, “Absolutely not.” And, he said, the pope walked to the car and into the hospital on his own two feet.

As of 11 a.m. Rome time, the pope was still in the emergency room and Father Lombardi expected him to return to the chalet in Les Combes in the early afternoon.

The spokesman said he had not yet spoken to the pope’s doctor Patrizio Polisca, who accompanied the pope to Les Combes, so he does not know if the pope’s wrist is in a cast or is simply wrapped and splinted.

The pope is scheduled to recite the Angelus Sunday with visitors gathered outside the parish church in Romano Canavese, a town about 50 miles away from the chalet. Father Lombardi said it was too early to know if that plan would change.

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10 Responses to Pope fractures wrist in fall

  1. Get well Holy Father, we pray for you daily Vicar of Christ!

  2. Tricia says:

    I really like the aspect that he asked to be treated like anyone else, although I can only imagine the consternation this causes — and security concerns — in a hospital waiting area. Still, it’s nice to see.

  3. Jay says:

    Wonderful example, Holy Father, of being humble in a time when everyone else is looking for precedence.

    God Bless you and your Christlike example to us all, and get well!

  4. Bren R. says:

    Holy Father, may you have a speedy recovery! We are praying for you here in California.

  5. paul luas says:

    to gods adviser i hope that things will go fine and with gods help god will look after u.iwill pray.so god bless u in all the good things u do and contin u too do i hope god will hear me

  6. paul luas says:

    i am sorry for not ccalling you holy father because i heard in the biblethat you call no man father but god whom is in heaven so please pope forgie me god bless u iwill pray for u and u for me thank u paul

  7. bruce123 says:

    Very nice of the Pope to ask for normal treatment.

  8. David O'Rourke says:

    The world needs for this pope to be aive and well for some time to come. Unless God wills otherwise, i say that Pope Benedict’s task is not yet finished.

  9. I am praying for your swift recovery, Holy Father. We love you.

  10. Ana Maria Gonzalez says:

    May God bless and protect you, Holy Father, and thank you for your wisdom in the books you have written. May you have a wonderful vacation.

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