Most-viewed CNS stories for June

Our Web stats always fascinate. They remind us of stories that were exclusive to us or items that touch our readers. So without further ado here is our list of most-viewed stories for June. Perhaps most fascinating is No. 9, a three-month-old story that many people must have missed the first time around.

1. Pope John Paul’s beatification delayed, Italian newspapers say (June 2)

2. Pope to meet Obama July 10 during evening audience (June 23)

3. Pope grants congregation power to more easily laicize some priests (June 3)

4. Liturgy translations fall short of two-thirds; mail balloting needed (June 18)

5. Few surprises, but some glimmers of hope in new US church statistics (June 5)

6. Off the radar: Pope’s teaching ministry finds little echo in media (June 18)

7. U.S. Dominican theologian named secretary of worship congregation (June 16)

8. High in the Andes, Peruvians mark Christ’s appearance to shepherd boy (June 26)

9. Pope declares year of the priest to inspire spiritual perfection (March 16)

10. With marriage laws changing, issue seen as top priority for bishops (June 18)