Obama cites influence of Cardinal Bernardin, prepares to meet pope

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THIRD UPDATE: Obama says he wants to talk with pope about aid to world’s poor

By Patricia Zapor
Catholic News Service

WASHINGTON (CNS) — President Barack Obama told a round table of religion writers July 2 that he continues to be profoundly influenced by the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin of Chicago, whom he came to know when he was a community organizer in a project partially funded by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

President Obama at today's meeting with religion writers. (CNS/White House)

President Obama at today's meeting with religion writers. (CNS/White House)

Obama said his encounters with the cardinal continue to influence him, particularly his “seamless garment” approach to a multitude of social justice issues. He also told the group of eight reporters to expect a conscience clause protection for health care workers currently under review by the administration that will be no less protective than what existed previously.

In addition to Catholic News Service, the round table included reporters and editors from other Catholic publications: National Catholic Reporter, America magazine, Catholic Digest, National Catholic Register, Commonweal magazine and Vatican Radio. The religion writer from The Washington Post also participated.

It was held in anticipation of Obama’s audience with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican July 10. The 45-minute session touched on his expectations for that meeting as well as aspects of foreign policy, the public criticism directed at him by some Catholic bishops and others in the church, and the Obamas’ own search for a church home in Washington.

Obama said in some ways he sees his first meeting with the pope as the same as any contact with a head of state, “but obviously this is more than just that. The Catholic Church has such a profound influence worldwide and in our country, and the Holy Father is a thought leader and opinion leader on so many wide-ranging issues. His religious influence is one that extends beyond the Catholic Church.”

He said he considers it a great honor to be meeting with the pope and that he hopes the session will lead to further cooperation between the Vatican and the United States in addressing Middle East peace, worldwide poverty, climate change, immigration and a whole host of other issues.

Several of the questions addressed the sometimes contentious relations between the Obama administration and some U.S. bishops, notably surrounding the president’s commencement address at the University of Notre Dame in May. The university’s decision to invite Obama and present him with an honorary degree led to a wave of protests at the university and a flurry of criticism by more than 70 bishops who said his support for legal abortion made him an inappropriate choice by the university.

Statements by the U.S. bishops also have chastised Obama for administrative actions such as the reversal of the Mexico City policy, which had prohibited the use of federal family planning funds by organizations that provide abortions or counsel women to have abortions.

But Obama said he’s not going to be deterred from continuing to work with the U.S. Catholic hierarchy, in part “because I’m president of all Americans, not just Americans who happen to agree with me.”

“The American bishops have profound influence in their communities, in the church and beyond,” Obama said. “What I would say is that although there have been criticisms leveled at me from some of the bishops, there have been a number of bishops who have been extremely generous and supportive even if they don’t agree with me on every issue.”

He said part of why he wants to establish a good working relationship with the bishops is because he has fond memories of working with Cardinal Bernardin when Obama was a community organizer, working with Catholic parishes on the South Side of Chicago.

“And so I know the potential that the bishops have to speak out forcefully on issues of social justice,” Obama said.


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7 Responses to Obama cites influence of Cardinal Bernardin, prepares to meet pope

  1. Tricia says:

    I’d like to hear, apart from the story, what Pat’s reporter vibes were on this meeting. P.R.? Sincere? Mending fences? Schmoozing? Earnest? Every reporter’s sixth sense tells them when they’re being talked to honestly or snowed — curious as to her sense.

  2. Desmond says:

    Obama has always attempted to come off as everybody’s friend and ally. On key issues, it’s not so much that there are ideological differences but that injustices continue unchecked. On these key issues, it’s about right and wrong – not simply popular opinion. I expect someone as intelligent as Obama to think through his relationship to what is being said by who he calls “opinion leaders” (the Holy Father and the bishops). If he acknowledges and agrees with certain elements of the Church’s Social Doctrine, why doesn’t he give the same benefit of thought to the rest, especially on matters of life and death (abortion and the death penalty)? If I remember correctly, Cardinal Bernardin (bless his soul) was vehemently opposed to abortion but also incorporated other social justice issues to his view of the dignity of all human life. The seamless garment model, then, does not replace any aspect of Church teach with another – it integrates all of it into a truly Catholic worldview. How has Obama missed this?

  3. julie says:

    Obama hasn’t MISSED it. He just doesn’t agree with it. Of course he won’t SAY that because, as you said, he wants to come off as everybody’s friend and ally.

    This meeting with Pope Benedict will prove to be quite interesting. Hope Obama knows the Vatican won’t be NDU.

  4. Wilma Cook says:

    All I can say is Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing! He says what he thinks the person wants to hear but has no problem doing the opposite. Pray That Pope Benedict sees through the smooth talk!

  5. krm says:

    My pastor this morning said something that touched my heart. In the heat of all the moral comprimise of the USA government and society at large I quote scripture when Jesus said, ” if you are lukewarm I spit you out of my mouth, and “if you are not with me your are against me!” Now either we believe in “truth” or we are followers of the father of lies, satan.

    The truth is the truth, you can’t take the life of an unborn creature of God and call it a right. It is murder and God said, “thou shall not kill.” Not…. it’s ok to kill if necessary to make your life easier.

    So, now is the time to stand up for the faith, in season and out of season, in good times and in bad, and to lay down our lives for our brothers.

    I am one Catholic who is willing to stand up for the truth who will join me. Man proposes but God disposes, so God give us the grace to do your will.

    Not to compromise……not common ground when it comes to LIFE!

    Pax et Bonum,



  6. ELAINE N. RAMEY says:

    President Obama is an usually intelligent especially for his young years. When he worked with Cardinal Bernardin in southern Chicago he became very respectful of the Catholic Church. He claims that it has made him a better person. As exposure to the outside world grew he has not altered his virews. I predict that one day in the not too faroff future, Obama will become a devout Roman Catholic.

  7. Jim Orr says:

    Elaine – are you kidding?!

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