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Catholic Charities USA brings poverty message to the UN

Women of faith have a unique role to play in reducing poverty around the world, Candy Hill, senior vice president for public policy and government affairs at Catholic Charities USA, told a conference at the United Nations in New York. … Continue reading

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Building a culture of vocations

The message of the 2000 movie “Pay It Forward” — don’t pay someone back for the kindness they did to you, but give someone else an unexpected kindness like you received — resonates nearly a decade later, and takes on … Continue reading

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The importance of dads

With Father’s Day coming June 21, a couple of Catholic organizations are taking steps to ensure that fathers get the recognition they deserve. As part of its efforts to reduce poverty, Catholic Charities USA is allowing people to send an e-card … Continue reading

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Kids say the darndest things

On occasion over the past year, we have had to leave Mass early so that my 5-year-old daughter could start Sunday school on time. Sunday school is over for the summer, but my daughter is still in the routine. During … Continue reading

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Saguaro seminar stays with Obama

Religion News Service posted today on its homepage a story by reporter Daniel Burke that describes the long-lasting effect of a little-known chapter in the early career of President Barack Obama. A 1997 series of Harvard lectures on social capital, … Continue reading

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‘American Idol’: Launch pad for Christian singers

The TV show “American Idol” may have the glitzy trappings of the Las Vegas strip, but David Wang of the The Catholic Register of Toronto has noticed that a high percentage of successful contestants have launched their careers in Christian music. … Continue reading

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Tallying high school grad success by college acceptances

Graduation at Catholic high schools in the Diocese of Tucson, Ariz.,  is being marked with a tally of not just how many students graduate, but how many are going on to college and how much money in scholarships and grants … Continue reading

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