Fairness Doctrine would threaten Christian stations, author says

Christian radio and television stations had better watch out — the government might get them. So says conservative author Brad O’Leary.

He spoke out at the Heritage Foundation Wednesday against the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine, a defunct Federal Communications Commission rule that would require equal attention to both sides of controversial issues in broadcast editorial content.

Although there is no formal bill in Congress, O’Leary still wrote a book warning of the rule’s potential dangers.

“Talk radio is under attack,” said O’Leary, a Catholic. “Christian radio is under attack. And even the Internet is under attack.”

In his book, O’Leary wrote that the doctrine could require Christian stations to give equal time to  activists who support keeping abortion legal, same-sex marriage activists, environmental rights activists and people of other faiths opposite supporters of Christian theology and religious principles.

“The medium would die a quick death,” he wrote.