Kids say the darndest things — the sequel

A Jewish neighbor of mine talked to me early this spring about how he could explain Passover to his inquisitive 4-year-old daughter without either making it sound too grisly or papering things over.

I was confronted by a similar situation at church last month.

My family’s pew is in a transept where there is a large crucifix, one much larger than the one in the sancutary. My 5-year-old daughter asked me why Jesus was on the cross — including “Why did he die?”

Mentally, I took a big breath, then explained that Jesus knew he had to die for us, but that Jesus was wrongly arrested, falsely tried for a crime he didn’t commit, and that back then, when the government  killed people it didn’t like, it put them on the cross.

My daughter thought for a brief moment. “Were you around then?” she asked. “No, no,” I said.

Another pause. “Was Mommy around then?”

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  1. In my 1st grade Religious Ed class I had twin girls and they had asked me, “What was Jesus like??? What’d He look like??” and I explained that we don’t know for certain because there aren’t any actual pictures of Him … to which the girls asked, “But you knew Him, didn’t you??” On the one hand, I felt very old … ; ) and on the other hand I figured I must be doing my job pretty darn good if they thought I knew Jesus personally!!


  2. When my daughter was 5 or 6 we were talking to each other through a vacuum hose. Often after Sunday mass my kids would ask me if they can go to McDonald’s for pancakes which I on a few occasions would give in to. So through the vacuum hose I thought of another question and asked Nicole “Where do you want to go after Church?” Without much delay Nicole spoke back “to heaven.” Touche!

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