Judge Sotomayor, Catholic education and Catholic identity

President Barack Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Sonia Sotomayor, graduated from Cardinal Spellman High School in the Bronx section of New York, where Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien of Baltimore grew up.

Writing in his June 15 column in The Catholic Review, Baltimore’s archdiocesan newspaper, he said he knew the school to be “solidly Catholic in spirit and in consistent fidelity to the church and its teachings.” But news reports that say Sotomayor is not a regular “Mass attendee,” the archbishop notes, seem that to imply that her high school “somehow failed in its mission.”

“I would not say that at all,” he writes. ” The question, however, does bring to light the importance of our own parochial schools’ ‘Catholic identity.'”

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4 Responses to Judge Sotomayor, Catholic education and Catholic identity

  1. Jim says:

    A Catholic education whether grade school, high school, or college means very little in terms of Catholic identity if the person does not adhere to the teachings of the Church. For instance; research has shown individuals who attend Catholic colleges are more likely to approve of abortion than those Catholics who have not attended such colleges. How sad and how destructive!! Those individuals represent the next generation of leadership, not just in public life but very often in our local parishes. In my own parish, for instance, there is a strong resistance to delivering the Gospel of Life. Much of the resistance comes from well educated people who call themselves Catholics but are resentful and resistant regarding many of the Church’s teachings. This is a very powerful force because of the educational levels of these people. Much of this is generated within those institutions of higher leaning supported by Church dollars.

  2. Mary says:

    I see it at my school Georgetown University where there are many cradle Catholic students but few who live the faith and agree to all the Catholic teachings. It is even more frightening and appalling when I think of even the possibility that some of my Catholic colleagues at the medical school may become abortion providers.

    As a learning institution we are called to embrace different opinions but as a Catholic school we must embrace our identity and teach it, lovingly, as we welcome others views. We are called to be apostles of Christ and evangelize with our words and examples. I fear that we are losing our beloved heritage and favoring pride and vanity over righteousness, as shown in our inability to make political statements.

  3. Kathy May says:

    How absolutely sad for our Church. 52 – 54 % of Catholics voted for the most pro-abortion President since Bill Clinton. The night of the election I went to my bathroom and cried uncontrollably. Where was my Church? Where were the priests on the pulpit promoting life? Where was my Bishop? I undterstand there will only be a remnant Church in the final days, but I never thought it would be made up of primarily lay people and not our Church leaders. If I were Jesus I would be in despair for His Church founded on Peter.

  4. Jim says:

    All Catholics must know that our Pope and the vast majority of our Bishops are promoting a true Catholic identity. Anyone who would doubt that should go the USCCB website. Unfortunately some of us live in faith communities where a true Catholic identity is not being promoted or taught or is muted in some aspect because of false ideology held by the leaders in our community. Unfortunately that will increase in the future. This is because, in interest of “tolerance” or “diversity”, our Catholic centers of learning have neglected or diluted core values of our faith. Faithful Catholics must do all we can to stand up for core values. Sometimes that isn’t very much fun because it means speaking up while being opposed by leaders within the faith community who continue to value tolerance and diversity more than those core values.

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