The importance of dads

With Father’s Day coming June 21, a couple of Catholic organizations are taking steps to ensure that fathers get the recognition they deserve.

As part of its efforts to reduce poverty, Catholic Charities USA is allowing people to send an e-card to thank their father or someone they respect as a father figure while also making a donation to the organization.

Contributions received through the program will help Catholic Charities USA help low-income dads and strengthen families by helping reduce some of the challenges that force kids into poverty. A dozen different designs are available, including two in Spanish.

Catholic Charities says all card recipients will be remembered by Father Larry Snyder, Catholic Charities USA president, when he celebrates Mass in Rome on Father’s Day.

Over at the Fathers for Good Web site sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, three new videos offer reflections and commentaries on fatherhood by three prominent Catholics. Excerpts from the videos show up when viewers enter the site. The full videos featuring Raymond Arroyo of EWTN, author Scott Hahn and Robert George,  professor of jurisprudence and director of the James Madison program in American ideals and institutions at Princeton University, can be seen by clicking on them while the excerpts play.

To all dads, a happy Father’s Day.

Kids say the darndest things

On occasion over the past year, we have had to leave Mass early so that my 5-year-old daughter could start Sunday school on time. Sunday school is over for the summer, but my daughter is still in the routine.

During the eucharistic prayer one recent Sunday, she thought it was time to leave. “Daddy, I want to go,” she said. I told her (in a very quiet voice, of course): “No,  it’s not time yet. This is the second half of the Mass. The first half is called the Liturgy of the Word” — and I pointed out those words in the missal aid in the pew. “That’s when the people were reading from the book, and the priest was talking to the people.”

“Now this is the second half of the Mass, the Liturgy of the Eucharist,” I said, again pointing out the words in the missal aid. “And see?” I told her, pointing toward the sanctuary. “The priest is holding up the Eucharist right now.”

“Daddy,” she queried, “when’s the third half?”