Saguaro seminar stays with Obama

Religion News Service posted today on its homepage a story by reporter Daniel Burke that describes the long-lasting effect of a little-known chapter in the early career of President Barack Obama. A 1997 series of Harvard lectures on social capital, known as the Saguro Seminar, was attended by political and media luminaries of the day — and an obscure community organizer and first-term state senator from Illinois. The lectures had a profound impact. Much of what the young politician learned there has ended up framing the president’s public policy goals, and many of his fellow Saguro alumni have signed on as advisers in the Obama administration, Burke says, in his piece “Saguro seminar stays with Obama.”

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2 Responses to Saguaro seminar stays with Obama

  1. With the ongoing holocaust of abortions, AIDS, STDs, and pattern of failed family life and divorces, it ought to be obvious the background reason is the rejection by bishops of Humanae Vitae 40 years back. Groups teaching NFP get zero help, especially in dioceses where bishops direct pastors to never call attention to the advantages of NFP. Engaged couples are thus
    married, thinking it’s okay to contracept. Also, media never mention that the Pill is known to trigger cancer.(And “Catholic” leaders back Obama pro-abortion.)

  2. Jim says:

    The mission of the Saguaro Seminars is filled with euphemisms, vagueness and political gobbledygook . If you translate the final sentence you get something like this: The seminar’s mission is to understand diversity and changes in values in our society (ie regarding abortion and homosexual rights) and the common perception that poverty is proof of social unfairness (ie sin) and exploit all these things to gain great political power. That is exactly what Obama has done. Joe Bidens reasoning on a litmus test for the supreme court on abortion rights was, “cultural diversity” . Obama support from the Catholic left was also based on the goal of Liberation Theology to; “eliminate the sin of social class”. Pushed aside were fundamental teachings of the Church regarding the sanctity of life, the Christian conscience of healthcare workers and the sanctity of marriage.

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