‘American Idol’: Launch pad for Christian singers

The TV show “American Idol” may have the glitzy trappings of the Las Vegas strip, but David Wang of the The Catholic Register of Toronto has noticed that a high percentage of successful contestants have launched their careers in Christian music.

“Previous contestants who have released successful Christian albums have included Mandisa, Ruben Studdard and Chris Sligh.  

“Melinda Doolittle was a background vocalist on several notable Christian albums prior to her run at the title and some of (Chris) Daughtry’s initial demos before idol were Christian worship. This year’s contestants were no exception with Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds and the eventual winner Kris Allen all leading worship at their churches. “

Wang goes on to review Mandisa’s new album as well as an assortment of other recent contemporary Christian releases.

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  1. This is so true. The show appeals to the family audience who are christian and family conscious

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