Tallying high school grad success by college acceptances

Graduation at Catholic high schools in the Diocese of Tucson, Ariz.,  is being marked with a tally of not just how many students graduate, but how many are going on to college and how much money in scholarships and grants they’ve received.

Of the 448 graduates of the diocese’s six Catholic high schools, all but two — that’s not a misprint, two out of 448 — are going on to college, notes this story from The New Vision, the diocesan newspaper. The article also tallies the financial aid received by those 446 college-bound Arizonans — more than $14 million — and lists all the schools they will be attending across the country.

When going get tough, (altar) wine gets flowing

A family-owned winery claims the economic downturn has helped one portion of its business. When times get tough, more people return to church and that means an increase in one of the vinyards specialties: sacramental wines.

sgwine1_thIn the June 5 San Gabriel edition of The Tidings, the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, reporter Janis Nelson takes a look at how business is booming for one of the nation’s largest producers of sacramental wines. Read about the fortunes of the St. Anthony Winery run by the Riboli family in “When going gets tough, (altar) wine gets flowing.” Shown at left are family members Anthony and Steve Riboli. (Photo by Paula Doyle)