Catholic newspaper editorial addresses abortion doctor’s slaying

In an editorial for its June 14 issue, already posted on the Web, the editors of Our Sunday Visitor, a national Catholic newsweekly based in Huntington, Ind., say the killing of a Kansas abortion doctor who performed late-term abortions “has transformed him into a martyr for the cause of abortion ‘rights.'”

And his slaying “has smeared by extension all those dedicated to defense of unborn human life,” they write.

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3 Responses to Catholic newspaper editorial addresses abortion doctor’s slaying

  1. david delacroix says:

    Yep, he’s a martyr all right, to all those who want him to be a martyr. And, yep, no doubt about it, his martyrdom will smear all pro-life supporters.

    So what? He was an usher in his church, went there every Sunday and his wife even is in the church choir. I’m sure that St. Peter opened up the Pearly Gates and said, “Welcome!”

    After all, Dr. Tiller: “There is NO greater love than a man lays down hs life for another.” I’m sure that Dr. Tiller has only exchanged his life for the souls of others, no?

    And, I’m sure his church and his wife are currently preaching forgiveness for the mentally ill soul who killed the good doctor.

    Plenty of people are murdered everyday; life is rough. Move along, nothing to see here.

  2. Rick Evans says:

    A Christian regular church attendee whose performed over 60,000 abortions — many of them viable. Amazing! Gee, how is his family going to live in the manner to which its become accustomed ? His church has probably lost a significant donor. Where are women going to go to kill their unwanted late term babies? Well Frankly Scarlet _ _ _ _ _!

  3. Fred Krom says:

    Christians are under assault from all directions. Some of our problems are of our own making. When we as Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, can not present a united front against things that are clearly unbiblical, we can not assume to be taken seriously. We have too many church members who have bought into the lie that good people must be tolerant to all points of view, that we must not take away a woman’s right to have her baby killed, or keep gay people from their genetic disposition to marry. In times past, church members who held heretical or unbiblical views, were met with strong church discipline. They then repented of their ways, or were eventually excommunicated. The church needs to purge itself of all things that oppose what our Lord has taught us in His Holy Word, or we will become increasingly irrelevant.

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