Most-viewed CNS stories for May

Here’s our list for May. In a month when the pope makes a historic visit to the Holy Land, few of our stories made this list. Lesson? Stories that are exclusive to us are some of the ones getting the most views (and links from outside).

That said, make sure you skim this list to see if there’s anything you missed:

1. Archbishop’s book details lifelong journey, struggle with sexuality (May 14)

2. Vatican newspaper says Obama sought ‘common ground’ at Notre Dame (May 18)

3. Pros and cons of genetic modification: Not your typical food fight (May 1)

4. Pope ordains priests, warns of worldly spirit in the church (May 4)

5. ‘Angels and Demons’ fails to generate Vatican outrage (May 4)

6. Vatican offers new look at King Henry VIII’s marital breakdown (May 27)

7. Vatican newspaper: No radical changes in Obama’s first 100 days (April 29)

8. Israeli, Vatican officials deny reports about control of holy sites (May 6)

9. Scarves speak volumes in pope’s Holy Land visit (May 13)

10. Notre Dame head praises graduating seniors for decorum amid debate (May 15)