Labor of love

Parishioners at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in La Follette, Tenn., really love their parish.

The 90 families in the parish love their community so much that they undertook an expansion of parish facilities on their own. Members, ranging in age from 56 to 83,  are handling every aspect of the project, reports The East Tennessee Catholic.

It’s a big project — some $930,000 worth. Imagine how much it would have been if contractors were hired. In the end, the parish will have tripled the church’s size.

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2 Responses to Labor of love

  1. Joel says:

    With God, nothing is impossible.

    This story serves as an inspiration to other Catholics around the globe.

  2. Joel says:

    By the way, I pray that they won’t change. God bless those parishioners.

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