Faith reflection offered on climate change

reflection_environment_2009_120World Environment Day is June 5 and the Carmelite NGO, or nongovernmental organization, is asking people to pray for the environment and climate change that day.

The purpose, explained Carmelite Father William Harry in a brief press release, is to call attention to “the spiritual challenge of the ecological crisis.”

To help us in prayer, the order has prepared a booklet, “A Day of Prayer — a Faith Reflection on Climate Change,” to be used not just  June 5 but any time.  It’s a free download at

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  1. It seems to me that the church is stepping in to another Galileo situation. Anthropogenic Global Warming is by no means settled science. At present we are unarguably in a cooling trend which is an inconvenient truth for some. Certainly protecting the environment is something the church should support. But taking a position on human generated CO2 as a green house gas that necessitates hugely expensive measures like “Cap and Trade” is simply foolish. How will the church look if its disproved? We certainly don’t want to look as ridiculous as the “Campaign for Human Development ” does after giving $1.7 million to ACORN.

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