Celebrating 100 years of Catholic journalism in Illinois

This year the Catholic Times, newspaper of the Diocese of Springfield, Ill., is celebrating 100 years of reporting on local church news for Catholics as well as covering the universal church and the world.

The May 17 issue includes the latest installment in an ongoing “retrospective” of stories the Times has published in the last century. This one focuses on the period of 1930-39. Archivist Michele Levandoski writes that the editor at the time, Msgr. Martin J. Foley, “seemed especially interested in the events in Germany and Spain.”

“The paper reported on anti-Catholic measures implemented by Hitler, such as the elimination of church-supported organizations and catholic schools. The paper also ran numerous stories about the Spanish Civil War and how rebels targeted Catholic churches and clergy,” she says. A couple of the highlighted stories were written by Catholic News Service, then called known as the National Catholic Welfare Council News Servce.

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