Exhibit looks at contributions of women religious

Sisters of Mary of the Presenation arrived in 1902 in North Dakota to mnister to new immigrants. (Photo courtesy of "Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America)

Sisters of Mary of the Presentation arrived in 1902 in North Dakota to minister to new immigrants. (Photo courtesy of "Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America)

A three-year traveling exhibit looking at the lives and contributions of women religious to American society debuts this weekend in Cincinnati.

A project of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, “Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America” opens May 16 at the Cincinnati Museum Center and runs through Aug. 30. Click here for hours.

The exhibit tells the story of women religious since their arrival in the United States in 1727. It features 70 items from among thousands gathered from more than 400 religious communities. Traveling trunks, journals, vintage health care equipment, diaries, musical instruments and even a few artifacts from several saints are among the items that are included.

Designed by Seruto & Co. in Pasadena, Calif., the show can accommodate artifacts and photos from the archives of local religious communities in each city where it stops.

After its Cincinnati run, “Women & Spirit” moves on to the Women’s Museum in Dallas, followed by stops at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, and the Mississippi River Museum in Dubuque, Iowa, over the next 23 months. Other bookings are being sought for 2011 and 2012.

In line with the exhibit’s opening, Rep. Marcy Kaptur, a Democrat from Toledo, Ohio, has introduced a resolution in Congress commending women religious for their contributions throughout American history.

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2 Responses to Exhibit looks at contributions of women religious

  1. Dale Debber says:

    With all of the contributions that Catholic women have made over the years, with particular homage to Mary Ward, founder of the 400 year old order, Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, it is a shame that Sacramento Bishop Jaime Soto is on the verge of suing the order in civil and cannon court to obtain control of their property, formerly Loretto High School, and to take the proceeds away from the order.
    I believe his is an ungodly act.

  2. What about the order that had two remaining nuns who transferred the millions in assets to themselves and then left to found an “ecumenical” order. Now THAT is an “ungodly act.” http://catholickey.blogspot.com/2009/09/how-to-leave-church-and-keep-deed.html

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