Faces of faith

During my excursion into Iowa and Minnesota with CNS photographer Bob Roller for our “On the Farm: Life in Rural America” series, I had the occasion to stop in several churches along the way in the two states’ rural areas.

And, without exception, these churches, regardless of size — medium, small or tiny, compared to the size of suburban churches that dominate the landscape in many big-city dioceses — all had photographs of children who were nearing their first Communion, and, in applicable cases, confirmation as well.

For small communities, it seems to be an important way to acknowledge that the faith is being passed on to a new generation of Catholics. Given that in some parishes the number of registered households barely reaches into triple digits, having faith in their future is a comforting thing indeed.

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  1. This is so wonderful. Especially in times of economic crisis, its great to know that that spirituality and faith is still alive and well. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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