Pope Benedict’s written prayer left at Jerusalem’s Western Wall

VATICAN CITY — Here is the Vatican text of Pope Benedict XVI’s written prayer he left during a visit to Jerusalem’s Western Wall:

God of all the ages,

on my visit to Jerusalem, the “City of Peace”, spiritual home to Jews, Christians and Muslims alike, I bring before you the joys, the hopes and the aspirations, the trials, the suffering and the pain of all your people throughout the world.

God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,

hear the cry of the afflicted, the fearful, the bereft; send your peace upon this Holy Land, upon the Middle East, upon the entire human family; stir the hearts of all who call upon your name, to walk humbly in the path of justice and compassion.

“The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul that seeks him” (Lam 3:25)!


Texts of addresses by Pope Benedict XVI and other dignitaries during the apostolic visit to Jordan, Israel, and the Palestinian Territories are also available in the May 21 and May 28 issues of Origins CNS Documentary Service. For information about a subscription or to purchase individual issues, contact Origins at origins@catholicnews.com.

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One Response to Pope Benedict’s written prayer left at Jerusalem’s Western Wall

  1. JESUS is the way and the truth and the life. I pray that the Jews will understand the true Gospel and come to Christ. You don’t have to pray to a wall or man or Mary. You have an advocate with the Father (which is Jesus). Pray in Jesus’ name. May God remove the scales off of your eyes and bless you. You are His chosen people. It’s time to let tradition go and move into grace.


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