Mount Nebo: the wine

It was a nicely rounded red, with graceful hints of currant and some distinctly biblical overtones.

Mount Nebo Cabernet

Mount Nebo Cabernet

Mount Nebo is renowned as the place where Moses glimpsed the Promised Land. We journalists following Pope Benedict’s Holy Land pilgrimage saw it as a stony highland with an Old Testament austerity.

But from vineyards in the valleys below, closer to the Jordan River, comes Mount Nebo Cabernet, as the label declares, the “Wine of the Holy Land.”

The label depicts the modern sculpture representing the “brazen serpent” created by Moses at God’s command to heal the Israelites from snake bites. The image is cited in the New Testament as a symbol of Christ.

We sampled the wine at dinner last night in the Amman hotel where reporters on the Volo Papale are staying. It was well-balanced, a little young (we drank the 2007 vintage) but not too tannic. Rich and elegant was the judgment at our table, especially after the second bottle.

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  1. sonar wilfrid sihombing says:

    For me Pope’s visit to the holyland is very wonderful. Before this visit israeli Parisee have already neglect to meet with Pope because of the excomunication abandoned. But now all people of midleast are happy meeting with Pope.

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