Neighborly honor for Tigers’ broadcaster

The Catholic Register of Toronto has an article about Assumption University honoring Detroit Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell and his wife, Lulu, with the Christian Culture Gold Medal.

Despite national boundaries — not to mention possible home-team loyalties to the Toronto Blue Jays —  the cities of Detroit and Toronto are only about 200 miles apart by air. Driving distance is about 240 miles, well within range of weekend trips for baseball fans of either city to hop between Tigers and Blue Jays games when the home team is away.

The story said the 91-year-old Harwell  “was honoured for his professionalism, commitment to the community and to his Christian faith.” (OK, they spell some words a little differently in Canada, too.)

In recognizing Lulu Harwell as well, Assumption’s president, Father Paul Rennick, described her as a “sustaining presence” for her broadcaster husband.  The joint award was the the first time a medal has been presented to a married couple.

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