How do you say ‘swine flu’ in Nahuatl?

Mexico’s Institute for Indigenous Languages, known as INALI, for its Spanish initials, has translated audio messages about how to avoid the swine flu into 20 versions of native languages found in Mexico.

The clips are available at the institute’s Web site. They run a couple of minutes each and come in regional variations of some of the more widely spoken languages. For instance, there are five variants of the information in Nahuatl, the language spoken by the Aztecs. The versions represent the idioms spoken in different parts of the states of Puebla, Veracruz and Guerrero.

The messages include basic information such as wash your hands frequently, cover your mouth when coughing, and drink plenty of liquids.

Could come in handy, particularly if you’ve got immigrant neighbors who don’t understand or read English or Spanish.

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