Vatican Museums join Italian quake-relief effort

Raphael's School of Athens

Standing in front of Raphael's fresco, "The School of Athens," visitors admire the other wall frescoes in the Raphael Rooms of the Vatican Museums. (CNS/Nancy Wiechec)

VATICAN CITY — Accepting a proposal from the guards at the Vatican Museums, the office governing Vatican City State has decided to open the museums May 10 and donate all the money from ticket sales that day to survivors of the April 6 earthquake in Italy’s L’Aquila region.

“All the personnel of the Vatican Museums are joining the initiative, donating the equivalent of a day of work,” said a press release from the Vatican governor’s office.

Except for the last Sunday of each month when the Vatican Museums are open to the public and no admission is charged, the galleries usually are closed on Sundays.

A spokeswoman for the museums told me this morning there was no way to guess how much the initiative would raise May 10.

The price for an individual’s admission to the museums ranges from about $10.50 for students to about $18.50 for adults.

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One Response to Vatican Museums join Italian quake-relief effort

  1. Holly says:

    If your visiting Rome on May 10th make sure you get to the Vatican Museums.

    I hope they have a very lucrative day and God is good to for the earthquake victims.

    Thank you God we love you.

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