A billboard and an unlikely combination

CNS reporter Mark Pattison and photographer Bob Roller arrived in the Midwest this past weekend and are traveling through Iowa and Minnesota for a week for a series of stories on rural America.

ALONG INTERSTATE 35  — After having reported on a Le Moyne College-Zogby survey that examined Americans’ and Catholics’ attitudes on a host of issues — including gambling (they don’t seem to mind it that much) — I was confronted April 19 by a slew of billboards advertising casinos in Iowa.

The champion in the attention-getting department was a billboard on I-35 near the Iowa-Minnesota border, which advertises the Diamond Jo Casino and the fact that it has a Burger King on the premises.

Neither is a draw for me personally, but some find the pairing to their liking no doubt.

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2 Responses to A billboard and an unlikely combination

  1. Geoff says:

    Will they be coming down to Missouri at all? Or just staying further North?

  2. Jim Lackey says:

    Sorry, no, not enough time to do the *entire* Midwest.

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