Environmental stewardship takes a front seat

It’s a week before Earth Day, April 22, and a week before the formal kickoff of a new Catholic campaign on climate change.

Under the auspices of the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change, the campaign will seek to raise awareness of the environment and the responsibility everyone has to care for God’s good earth.

Dioceses around the country are already signing on to the Catholic Climate Covenant, known as the St. Francis Pledge to Care for Creation and the Poor. The covenant will encourage Catholics individually and communally to reflect, pray and act on environmental stewardship and climate change.

At least one diocese has taken steps to assess how to better care for creation.

Organizations, parishes and individuals in the Diocese of Green Bay, Wis., are being asked to consider what the stewardship of creation means to them. The Compass, the diocesan newspaper in Green Bay, has a full report.

CNS will have more on the campaign and the covenant within the next few days.

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2 Responses to Environmental stewardship takes a front seat

  1. john francis says:

    I know this hardly belongs here, but I don’t find any other way to make a correction regarding the CNS story on Archbishop Dolan’s Mass of Installation. The twelve cardinals present at the Mass did not in fact concelebrate, including the retiring archbishop. Why? Something that has long puzzled me. They are after all bishops first and cardinals secondarily.

  2. Jim Lackey says:

    You’re right, and we’re making correction. Cardinals were listed in the program as “in attendance” and archbishops and bishops were listed under “concelebrants.” Why? Some liturgist probably knows; I don’t.

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