U.S. Catholic hospitals dominate Top 100 list

Last week Thompson Reuters released its annual list of the 100 Top Hospitals in the U.S. The health care information organization has a tough list of benchmarks that hospitals must meet in order to be considered for ranking. The rankings are divided into five categories: major teaching hospitals, teaching hospitals, and large, medium and small community hospitals.

In the No. 1 spot is St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, a hospital of Catholic Healthcare West. Catholic health care centers ranked in 28 additional spots across all the categories. Nine of the hospitals were given the Top 100 Hospitals Everest Award for benchmark performance with the highest rates of improvement.

The hospitals represent health ministries that originated with communities of religious sisters throughout the history of health care in America. Among them: Sisters of St. Francis, Bon Secours, Sisters of Mercy, Daughters of Charity, Sisters of Charity, Sisters of Providence, Sisters of St. Joseph and others.

Since one in six Americans receives health care in a Catholic health institution each year, according to the Catholic Health Association, the high rankings are good news for health care consumers in the United States.

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15 Responses to U.S. Catholic hospitals dominate Top 100 list

  1. Richard says:

    It won’t be good news if these time honored institutions close their doors because of Obama’s eliminating the “conscience clause”

  2. Dan says:

    The closing of Catholic Hospitals will be a terrible event for America. Of course the poor and middle class will suffer greatly. I’m sure the misguided masses will blame The Catholic Church.

  3. Keino Ribka says:

    Wish for free hospitals for poor and middle class really exist. I really hope the hospitals not only thinking about money or insurance.

  4. Is there a Catholic Hospital In or near Houston, Texas?

  5. Rachel Rinn says:

    There’s St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Houston, TX. It was the first hospital to open in the area. 🙂

  6. I think its good that there are Hospitals that exist because of people’s love of God and others.

  7. How can I obtain a copy of this list of 100?

  8. myze13325 says:

    The will just close the Hospitals, shame 28 of the top 100 Hospitals are Catholic Hospitals and 1 in 6 receives treatment at a catholic hospital each year. This will just add further to the catostropic effects of Obama care and create eve more scarcity in physicians and hospitals, the people effected most will be those without coverage. You will see the US Rocket to the bottom of the world after Obama gets everything he wants in his Healthcare paln and add the Catholic Church to the list of the majority of states (27) and institutions suing over the constitutionality of Obamacare. Hard to believe they want to mandate catholic hospitals to do what they see as murder!

  9. gknapp says:

    Guess I won’t be voting for Obama after all. Now which rich guy?

  10. Kathy says:

    The indication noted in this article title is misleading. Rankings are subcatagorized to a bare minimum. The misrepresentation surfaces when a statement like this claim does not include the full scale picture.

    Highest ranked hospitals are major institutions that are measured by factors related to specialty successes where the patients beat the odds in statistical study. Survival and remedy rates dictate this status first. In the true list of the top 100, points are specific to the strength of each facility. There is a very strong distinction between the highest point average for the number one facility, when compared to the lower end of that list of 100.

    Subcatagorical rankings are not major list worthy. Before the rankings are complete, most hospitals fall into one higher list or another. It’s a professional courtesy gesture to promote the industry who purchases from related industry with a direct connection to the insurer.

    High ranking hospitals don’t resort to this tactic. They don’t have to.

  11. Stephen Bryan says:

    If the church CHOOSES to punish the poor, the infirm and the needy for a dogma related difference, then they don’t deserve to be a church and should lose their tax exemption. Would CHRIST break a lepers legs if he used a condom? Would Christ deny Peter anything, whether the cock crowed or not? Would the church CEASE being a church if it stunted for the camera’s?

    Would they EVER regain any respect?

    Oh BTW, how is that bankruptcy in Milwaukee going? You know, the one the Catholic churches are using to avoid paying 8000 NEW sex abuse claims against more than 100 church leaders? Let me know how that shakes out, considering how much time you all will have on your hands when you close God’s door for your ego’s sake.

  12. Diana Dawson says:

    I second your well expressed opinion on the stubbornness of the church. Pres. Obama very quickly amended his administration’s policy to accommodate the wishes of the church, even though constitutionally suspect, while preserving the right’s of female employees of catholic affiliated universities and hospitals.

  13. Logan's run says:

    Anyone who says obama accomodated the wishes of the church is either ignorant of the facts or the Constitution, or both. This is not about contraception. It is about the destruction of the Constitution. If it is deemed that gubmint can mandate this item, then the next logical steps are to mandate small cars because big cars cause carcinogens. Then mandate all guns must be confiscated because they can be harmful to your health. If the Catholic institutions are closed, then there is less competition for the gubmint run hospitals. Rationing health care then falls into place because these hospitals will have so much volume. Our Federal Republic is in grave danger with the current administration!

  14. Alan says:

    @Stephen Bryan: Mr. Bryan, while Jesus does not abandon sinners (neither does the Catholic Church) he also does not promote the sin, nor give him/her to tools with which to continue his sinful habits; he admonishes the sinner to repent of his/her sins.

    Jesus associated with sinners in order to teach them about salvation, certainly not to encourage them to continue to sin.

    It seems like you have an unfortunate bias against the Catholic Church. I guess you have the same bias against educators (or the general population, for that matter) since there is a higher incidence of abuse in the school system than in the Catholic Church.

    Also, I’d be careful about throwing stones, based on your tone and words, it seems like your home may be made of glass as well…

  15. Cristero Norte says:

    The closing of Catholic facilities is the wrong answer. The proper approach is to continue operating and defy the Marxists.

    This speech by a Catholic at the Goshen, NY Religious Freedom rally is an eye-opener.

    Bishops warned: Obama will seize assets
    YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9pktpXKB-U

    Summorum Pontificum


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