Travel assignments and technological difficulties

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — I flew to the Dominican Republic Wednesday to follow Food for the Poor and the inauguration of the philanthropic group’s 20-pond tilapia farm in Puerto Plato.

After checking into our hotel, we were whisked off for a quick meal and I settled into my room to begin writing my first blog entry about the trip. However, this proved to be too optimistic. A technological snafu with the Internet connection caused a delay and I eventually wrote this post after 1 a.m. using the hotel’s computer.

I think we’ll get it straight in time to bring word from a local bishop and the prospect of feeding the poor and creating industry for a region that has been plagued with great poverty.

So, I’ll keep you posted, provided that we have a good link …

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  1. Dick Nahman says:

    Blessings on your trip.

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