Speaking up about conscience protections

In an interview with CNS deputy editor Nancy Frazier O’Brien, Bishop William F. Murphy of Rockville Centre, N.Y. , chairman of the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, says the effort to end conscience protections threatens all rights.

After today there will be just 10 days left of the 30-day period open for public comment on the Obama administration’s move to rescind a Department of Health and Human Services regulation guaranteeing conscience protections for health care workers and institutions.

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5 Responses to Speaking up about conscience protections

  1. Holly says:

    Write your reps before time runs out to keep conscience protections for health care workers and institutions.

  2. G.K. Thursday says:

    It would be good if CNS could give the regulation name and government number for it so when we write to our Representatives and the head of the DHHS we can effectively refer to it. Neither this blog entry nor the article linked to provide that information. It makes it extremely difficult to have effective communication without accurate reporting of the regulation details.

  3. Jim Lackey says:


    Previous CNS stories had the info you are seeking; sorry that this item didn’t. Follow this link — http://is.gd/oWIt — and scroll down to the final two paragraphs.

    Jim Lackey, CNS

  4. Jim Schwarz says:

    I people to go to freedom2care this is a website devoted to protecting the consciences of health care workers. Is sponsored by a number of pro-life and professional organizations and has links to submit your statement in support of conscience rights.

  5. G.K. Thursday says:

    Thank you, Jim Lackey for directing me to the story with the information in it. I was able to offer some feedback on the proposed regulation.

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