‘The honeymoon is over’

Jack Smith, editor of  The Catholic Key, newspaper of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Mo., has a link on his blog to an article headlined “The honeymoon is over,” by George Wesolek, longtime director of Public Policy and Social Concerns for the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

Wesolek writes that for him his “personal ‘honeymoon’ with President Barack Obama is over,” because of  Obama’s decisions on the Mexico City policy, embryonic stem-cell research and conscience protection for health care workers.

Smith points out that for years Wesolek has “worked tirelessly” in his own archdiocese on social justice issues and to create “a model of cooperation between the social justice and respect life functions.”

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15 Responses to ‘The honeymoon is over’

  1. Mark Medwig says:

    It wasn’t a honeymoon, it was a one night stand. Obama took advantage of Wesolek and other Catholics, seducing them simply to get their vote in November, then discarding them after he got what he wanted. However, such Catholics let themselves be used, because the truth of Obama’s stance on abortion and embryonic stem cell research was plain for anyone to see during the presidential campaign.

  2. Eugene Pacelli says:

    This is America, if Catholics (or anyone else) does not want to take advantage of what stem cell research may be able to do for Alzheimer’s, or cystic fibrosis, or cerebral palsy, or whatever, they don’t have to.
    Let freedom ring.

  3. Kevin says:

    The phenomenon of Catholics voting for Obama is proof that you really can rape the willing.

    It would be nice to believe that those of you who voted for the scum really did not know what you were doing. Sadly, the evidence is in and the truth is out that most Catholics in our nation do not hold, even loosely, to the Faith of The Fathers.

    In this case, all of you crying that you were “victimized, tricked, by Obama” need to quit whining and go to Confession!

  4. Kimberly says:

    To Eugene:

    Where is the freedom ringing for the babies being sacrificed in the name of science? It is barbaric. In light of other sources of stem cells, why even go down this path at all?

    You can live with cerebral palsy, you can live in a wheelchair. These are all tragedies that are not mitigated by the scientific cannibalism of vulnerable babies.

    Once you’ve destroyed the embryo – they do not have a “choice” to live. They do not have the freedom that you and I enjoy.

    There are much more promising therapies for these conditions just in the world of nutrition! But, big pharmaceutical companies can’t make money off of those discoveries so there is no money for research. Evil whispers in your ear, “hey try this, it’s not so bad, it is for the greater good.”

    You’ve been duped and seduced.

  5. Eugene Pacelli says:

    To Kimberly:
    Nope, neither seduced nor duped. If I had a choice to live in a wheelchair or not, I’ll chose ‘not’.
    You have legislators; if you don’t like what’s going on, contact them and urge them how to vote. Like I said, this is America.

  6. Kent Army says:

    Whoever thought that a ‘honeymoon’ had anything to do with the alleged and foreign-born “president”? It’s time for new elections to clear the board of illegitimate players. Obafa will prove the ruin of the U.S. I’m so glad that the Vatican isn’t losing time mobilizing opposition against this abortion freak!

  7. Thoughtful1 says:

    Point of fact, a healthy woman has 4,000 viable eggs from the 2 million she is born with. A healthy male produces 160 million sperm per day, a quadrillion in a lifetime. Seven billion people will inhabit the earth in 2012. So why has the Catholic discussion, for example, not focused on making better use of these God-given cells to support life?

    Arguments around boundary conditions, such as the perceived beginning and end of life, always elicit emotion. Even more so when one interjects God. Arguments premised on the supernatural are not convincing and not reasons to change public policy.

  8. Brian says:

    Well from the article referenced in the blog, it sounds like Wesolek voted for McCain. I suspect like many who voted for McCain, once Obama won the election, he still prayed and hoped that Obama would give some indications of becoming more supportive of life. Shortly into Obama’s term, it appears this will not happen. However, we still must pray.

  9. Ed says:

    It’s unfortunate that there are Catholics out there like Eugene that would sacrifice the life of an innocent for their own well being. It’s unfortunate that someone who wears the title “Christian” would have grandiose delusions that their life is more important than the life they would have killed to make theirs better. We aren’t talking about unfertilized eggs here. We are talking about intentionally conceiving children with the intent to kill them for their parts.

  10. Marianne Rhoads says:

    If you really looked into the truth about stem cell research, you would read that only ADULT stem cell research is making progress with real applications (nearly 100 to date). Embryonic stem cell research has had millions and millions of dollars of private money and years and years of research – not ONE successful application. There is no need to go further down this gruesome path. Researchs now can make pluri-potent cells from adults with the advantage that there will not be rejection issues. Look at the TRUTH.

  11. Dan says:

    Eugene is representative of the kool aid drinking public—he is not knowledgable about science nor Christian moral thought. This is what we have to contend with—lets face it , these uneducated masses are running the asylum now. Lets hope a few wake up before their its revealed to them who their master has really been.

  12. B.J. says:

    Eugene, just because this part of the Body Politic doesn’t involve you now doesn’t mean they won’t find a use for your body in the future. Besides, embryonic stem cell research does nothing but give someone the chance to play God, usually with disastrous results.

  13. john francis says:

    Is there no policy on this Catholic site for monitoring shockingly defamatory language as well as untruths? Isn’t charity still the “suprema lex”?

  14. Mark says:

    I met George Wesolek about 5 years ago. Now I know why I liked him: our thought processes about the presidential election were amazingly similar. I too found Obama’s policy ideas trumped McCain’s in just about every respect except the most important one. He has the most radical position on pro-life issues of any presidential candidate, let alone president. Like George, I am saddened by the president’s actions. I can do little more but pray that God continues to turn the negatives in our lives into positives.

  15. Jim Lackey says:


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