Pastor sits in jail following a demonstration in front of an abortion clinic

Here’s an interesting posting on the Web site of the National Catholic Register about a pastor who is sitting in jail following a demonstration in front of an abortion facility.

The author calls the priest’s incarceration an injustice, considering, he says, that a Kansas doctor who performs abortions, Dr. George Tiller, “remains free” while on trial “for allegedly flouting the legal requirements for late-term abortions” in his state.

This article also contains a video.

4 Responses

  1. Write your Reps if this is unjust. Even if there is a sidewalk ordinance this is still unjust law.

  2. Clinic protests do nothing to help the anti-abortion movement. The pastor in question is obnoxious and egotistical by ANYONE’s standards, in-your-face pushy and creepy, and he loves to be in the limelight. Bullying young girls and women walking down a sidewalk is not the answer. If Catholics sincerely want to stop abortion, they must first stop ALL bullying and vigilante activities of this kind. All these displays of threatened violence and egotism do is further convince the pro-abotion mainstream that people against abortion really do “hate women”, and are childish, uneducated extremists to boot. If your goal is to stroke your own ego, head for a clinic and start acting like a dangerous jerk. If you want to stop abortion, join with Feminists for Life and the Susan B. Anthony list, both of whom are doing far more good and converting many, many more previously pro-abortion women.

  3. I wonder if some of the anti-terror legislation passed by the ‘Bush Regime’ is responsible for the detention?

  4. “Clinic protests do nothing to help the anti-abortion movement” You sound threatened by one man? Such a sweeping generalized unsubstantiated statement as your opening? Incidently I dont think this protestor is Catholic.

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