Report: Bishop D’Arcy plans Notre Dame statement

THIRD UPDATE: OSV has it on its blog.

It’s coming Tuesday morning, says this post on the Our Sunday Visitor blog site. (Both Notre Dame and Our Sunday Visitor are in Bishop D’Arcy’s Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Ind.)

UPDATE: We’ve just learned the statement now will not come until Wednesday.

SECOND UPDATE: Now (Tues., 11:45 a.m. EDT) we’re hearing it could be today after all.

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9 Responses to Report: Bishop D’Arcy plans Notre Dame statement

  1. Lee says:

    It’s out. He says he won’t attend commencement now.

  2. Charmaine says:

    God Bless Bishop D’Arcy for taking a stand . This could not have been an easy decision for him. However, it is the right decision in the name of the thousands of innocents who will die by abortion this year. Thank you Bishop D’Arcy. You are in my prayers.

  3. Seamus says:

    I am at a loss here… First, I say God Bless Bishop D’Arcy, but at the same time, do you think anyone will care that he isn’t there? Wouldn’t engagement work more effectively? A public statement, as he has done is more effective than a boycott.

    Abortion will not end until we change the hearts and minds of the people who support it and practice it.

    Overturning Roe v. Wade won’t work… a pro-life amendment will not work.

  4. Pat Gabli says:

    God Bless Bishop d’Arcy! He is my Hero. Someone who believes in something and follows through. My poor Mother must be rolling her eyes in Heaven to see how her favorite Notre Dame is desrespecting human life and our Catholic Character by inviting Obama, who cares about neither. In D’Arcy I trust!

  5. John F. Macek says:

    The Bishop means well, but he needs to get his head on straight.

    Obama is not proposing a Constitutional amendment making abortion legal. He is not buying the “pro life” thinking that making abortion illegal will make the problem go away.

    It is most unfair and totally inaccurate to call Obama “pro abortion.” I heard him in a campaign interview respond to this question with “No one is truly pro abortion.”

    He showed considerable sympathy for women who feel so desperate to resort to abortion and said he did not want to add to their burden by making it illegal. At the same time, he said he was in favor of reducing abortion to the lowest possible level.

    I think a better description for Obama is as “pro common sense” and “pro life.” He has shown far more concern about the welfare of human beings than George Bush is capable of considering.

    What I find all the more pathetic is that people like Bishop D’Arcy supported John McCain believing him to be “pro life” and urged Catholics to vote against Obama in favor of McCain. McCain’s opposition to Roe v Wade had nothing to do with being “pro life.” His position is political: “I think this is a matter that should be left up to the States to decide.”

    I think it’s time for Bishops to keep their nose out of politics, or certainly speak on the basis of fact. I’m personally glad that Notre Dame invited Obama to be a commencement speaker. It speaks well of this university’s standing. Bishop D’Arcy’s position only speaks of good intentions and ignorance.

  6. Phillip Heinz says:

    Huge applause for Bishop D’Arcy!!! I hope he adds a Papal Anathema or two to his Reply.

  7. G.K. Thursday says:

    Bishop D’Arcy is right. And Obama talks out of both sides of his face when it comes to abortion, depending on his audience. Rather than listen to his rhetoric (which dances smoothly from strongly pro-abortion to meekly pro-choice, again depending on his audience), Catholics can learn much more from his actions. His consistent votes for the most radical methods of abortion (including partial birth abortions) really speak much louder than any speech he has ever made. It would be nice if this weren’t true about Obama’s voting record, but living in a fantasy world where rhetoric equals reality, is unequal to the task of peace and justice in the real world.

    As for Bishops staying out of politics, this is a matter of “sic et non”. Of course no ordained cleric can be directly involved in politics (as Fr. Drinan learned with difficulty), but the Bishops are absolutely obliged to confront injustice, and that means being involved at an issues-level in politics. Imagine telling Archbishop Oscar Romero that he shouldn’t have been involved in politics! The essential reality of the abortion issue is one of a heinous injustice: the wholesale slaughter of the innocent. It is a matter of justice to publicly oppose abortion for those who follow Catholic social teaching.

  8. Marcia Kelley says:

    I was saddened to see the debacle concerning ND and the President. I wonder if Bishop D”Arcy is going to require every graduating ND student to state that he/she is anti-abortion before they can receive their degrees or if some student publicly states that he/she is pro-abortion will he insist that ND not confer a degree on that person? I also wonder if Bishop D’Arcy was against Ronald Reagan who gave a ND commencement speech and received an honorary degree since Ronald Reagan was a divorced man and the Bible and Church are against divorce.?
    I am a Catholic but sometimes ashamed to admit it when the hierarchy can be so petty and do nothing but condemn, condemn, condemn. I do not consider them followers of Jesus Christ.
    President Obama’s stance on most issues is totally pro Christian. Also he is not pro-abortion as stated the Bishop. The marvelous thing about President Obama is that he is willing to listen and change his mind if the facts convince him to do so. Sadly Bishop D’Arcy does not possess this gift.
    Marcia Kelley, senior citizen

  9. R. A. Gallone says:

    I agree with you and I salute you, Marcia Kelley!

    Obama is the one who possesses integrity, something which is greatly lacking in Bishop D’Arcy, who has shown nothing but disrespect toward President Obama. I feel utter contempt towards D’Arcy who has shown himself to be the true pretender with his opposition to having Obama participate at the ND commencements. D’Arcy and those other HOLIER-THAN-THOU-CHARLATANS should aim at searching their own souls before making judgment on others.

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