Full voice mail and 270 signatures an hour

Happy Monday to officials at the University of Notre Dame!

The organized opposition to the university’s announcement last Friday that President Barack Obama would speak and receive an honorary degree at commencement May 17 is filling the voice mail message boxes of all the school’s top officials and shows no sign of abating. The American Papist blog reports that the messages boxes of the university’s president, vice president, provost, assistant provost and public relations director were all full and refusing to take any more messages by the end of the day Friday.

An online petition asking the university’s president to rescind the invitation is receiving 270 signatures an hour, according to its co-sponsors, the Cardinal Newman Society and CatholicVote.org.

The National Review Online organized a symposium today on the topic: “A moral exemplar? Should the University of Notre Dame honor our most anti-life president?” and got contributions from George Weigel, Jesuit Father James Schall and others. Catholic newspapers, including the National Catholic Register and National Catholic Reporter, are contributing to the debate as well. Comments were still coming in today on our blog as well.

Notre Dame has not yet issued an official response to the protest, but Holy Cross Father John Jenkins, the university president, talked about it with a reporter from The Observer student newspaper yesterday.

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2 Responses to Full voice mail and 270 signatures an hour

  1. David says:

    I pray Father Jenkins stands firm. President Obama is not coming to Notre Dame to speak about abortion, or even to debate or contradict church teaching. The notion that a Catholic institution cannot invite or interact with any one who questions, challenges or even rejects Catholic teaching on abortion–and abortion alone–is absurd. And it doesn’t prevent a single abortion.

  2. MARC AUPIAIS says:

    Sad how many Catholics fraternize with the enemy! Obama that is!

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