Taking aim at government corruption

Although many blame drug trafficking and the struggling economy for the recent escalation of violence along the U.S.-Mexico border, Mexico’s bishops say government corruption is an underlying cause of the violence, according to a story in the March 22 issue of Our Sunday Visitor. 

An unidentified source from the Mexican bishops’ conference told OSV that although the names of drug leaders are occasionally revealed, no one ever hears of the high ranking political leaders who control drug trafficking and branches of police and local government.

Archbishop Jose Luis Chavez Botello, of the Archdiocese of Antequera, Oaxaca, said in a public message that the growing violence in Mexico is “not the consequence of chance. It reflects the deep corruption of our political system and its connections with organized crime.”

Mexico’s president, Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, a practicing Catholic, is committed to putting an end to organized crime, according to  Manuel Diaz Cid,  a specialist on church-state relations in Mexico and a member of the Pontifical Council for the Laity.

Diaz Cid told OSV that Calderon will succeed if “he is able to expose and break the link between drug cartels and old political leaders.”

 Anything less, he added, could be too little too late.

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  1. B.J. says:

    The Mexican Bishops also refered to U.S. officials
    involved in this corruption. Once more, “We have met
    the Enemy and He is Us.” Credits to Pogo

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