President Obama to address Domer grads

The White House announced this afternoon that President Obama will address the University of Notre Dame’s graduating class May 17.

It will be one of three graduation ceremonies the president will attend, starting with Arizona State University May 13 and rounding out the trio May 22 at the U.S. Naval Academy.

As Notre Dame’s press release notes, Obama will be the sixth U.S. president to address a graduating class there.

UPDATE: It didn’t take long for someone to question the Notre Dame invitation to Obama. The National Catholic Register headlined its blog item on the move “Notre Dame Honors Obama” and quoted from the U.S. bishops’ document which says that “Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles.”

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12 Responses to President Obama to address Domer grads

  1. Lynn says:

    Why would a Catholic University invite Obama to speak at their commencement. He stands against the Catholic Church on the most important issues?? There are so many other honorable speakers they could have chosen.

  2. Holly Hansne says:

    Oh Good Lord ! GET A LIFE ! No pun inteded.

  3. Hedge Hog says:

    Obama has shown himself to be not only a liar, an opportunist, an incompetent, and a pawn to a myriad of radical left wing special interests, BUT in the short time he has been in office he has proven to be the culture of life’s worst nightmare. Why would a ‘purportedly Catholic’ university invite such a beast to its commencement? What can ND grads possibly learn from this horrid man for whom the most Catholic of principles are not only unimportant, but he stands even as the threat to the religious conscience of America in general.

    ND should stop posing as a Catholic institution already, and stop its unprincipled use of religious identification as a means to recruit students. I for one will not consider sending my children to this school, and would hope all Catholic parents do the same based on its lack of integrity, both religious as well as civic.

    Holly Hansne’s comment turns out to be paradoxical given that in defense of ObStupid she shouts GET A LIFE! while mentioning the Good Lord at the same time. Isn’t that exactly what she should be telling the guy who, by doing away with all laws for the protection of life, is actually responsible for doing away with it?

  4. Kay McCormick says:

    I have signed an online petition and written Fr.John Jenkins, President of the University of Notre Dame, in protest of having President Obama speak.

    To have the most pro abortionist President in our history who is a moral relativist, speak at a Catholic University named after the Blessed Mother of our Lord is a travesty. To allow him to speak to a generation of young women and men who could become our future leaders is a misrepresentation of everything the Church teaches.
    I HAD a life, Holly. I aborted it in 1974. It did not free me. It enslaved me for 34 years.
    I am totally opposed to Fr. John Jenkins’ intention to allow a man who promotes a culture of death to speak at this commencement!
    I applaud Hedge Hog’s courage in speaking the truth about Obama.

  5. Eric says:

    I also signed a petition that can be found at:
    Hopefully, Bishop John D’Arcy will take some sort of action to mitigate the scandal. Too many of our Catholic Universities have bowed to the pressure of secular society in the interest of “academic freedom”, but the have forgotten what it means to be truly free.

  6. MA says:

    ND has traditionally had presidents speak at commencement, with the exception of Nixon. Has anyone noticed that the Laetare recipient will be a pro-life Harvard law professor? Mary Ann Glendon has a wonderful opportunity to make a pro-life speech in front of Obama. I think ND has made a very smart choice in having Obama, because he will be forced to hear an opposing view point.

    No president encompasses all of our Catholic principles, and if every conversation regarding President Obama is focused on the areas in which we disagree, we have lost an opportunity for dialogue.

    I am pro-life. I deplore abortion. I also believe there is more to be gained by talking with people who disagree with me than by condemning them.

  7. Rosemarie says:

    Whatever our beliefs and feelings toward the man, he is our PRESIDENT. The college has a history of asking the sitting president to make the commencement address. We must have respect for the Office of President of the US even if we do not respect the individual’s decisions.

    For outside individuals to make and sign petitions and organize protests on the day of graduation is a grave disservice to the graduates and their families who have worked hard and waited so long for this day.

    Our new president is the first one I can remember who was not granted a honeymoon period with the nation before everyone started to pounce.

    Sadly, we are not showcasing our Christian heritage well when we start hurling insults and calling him “incompetent, horrid, a liar, and an opportunist.”

    Jesus did not come for those smug in their righteousness…they are already lost to Him.

    Tradition should be allowed to stand at Notre Dame and our president should make the address he was invited for. Protesters should chill out and stay home and allow those involved to participate to the extent to which each is comfortable.

    As for those proclaiming how offended our Blessed Mother and/or Christ are at this invitation; I ask you: Did they communicate this to you personally? Because the only communication I have had with them recently is the same as it was over 2000 years ago: Love thy neighbor as thyself!

    That means pack away your smug righteousness AND your unChristian epithets and be at peace within yourself. For without peace within, you will never find it with others.

  8. Joan says:

    How do you think Jesus feels when his divided church, the catholic church, invites Pres Obama to honor knowing he is supporting all of the murders of innocent children. No wonder so many catholics do not know moral from immoral, sin or no sin, to vote for a president who is for abortion or that this is sinful to vote for abortion and so we should have voted against a president who is for abortion. the church is supposed to stand by the ten commandments. i am ashamed of this catholic university. Further you are saying to our children that this is okay!!!!!!! Shame on you!!!

  9. R W Tucker says:

    I know that BHO won the hearts and minds of the American people but just what has he accomplished since taking office? He has spent, spent and spent more of our money than anyone in history and we are sinking into the abyss. Nothing to be proud of for sure! His values are strongly anti-Catholic. John McCain would be a better invite than our President as his values are more in line with the Catholic way of life.

  10. Holly says:

    Rosemarie you forget that a Christian has a right to rebuke his brother which has nothing to do with judging.

    If a brother or sister are doing wrong we have the right to lovingly let them know in peace they are out of line with the Lord’s teaching.

    Respectfully Rosemarie I agree we have no right to judge but we have a duty to speak out.

    No one is raining on the graduate’s special day but what kind of Christians are we if we remain silent.

    What the say about good men or women remaining silent on an issue and evil will prevail?

    Im well aware he is our President but as an American citizen if I think that something isnt right for our society I have committed a great injustice by not speaking out.

    I have no hate against President Obama but we all knew before he was elected about his stance on issues.

    What do you think the Lord is going to say to us who remained silent on the issues important to our Christian society.

    The Church as the Pope said is countercultural in this world as the Lord meant it to be. His church is not of the world its just in the world.

    Your entitled to your opinion but an economy is only as good as its people and way of life. A righteous way not a wrong way.

    They say now as a slogan about “breaking bad” is now the good deed. This is wrong thinking today.
    Now one is teaching that evil is now the good today.
    God have mercy on our souls for this.

    Love in Christ brothers and sisters.

  11. Ed says:

    How fitting! Obama supports infanticide (leaving babies who escape abortionist’s efforts to be denied any medical service).

    Mary, Joseph and Jesus escaped the infanticide planned for Jesus by Herrod by escaping to Eygpt.

    Now Father Jenkins welcomes and even honors the most pro-abortion president of the uSA ever.

    Maybe Mary should now escape from ND.

  12. Ellen Licavoli says:

    The head of the Holy Cross order needs to be less concerned about telling President Obama how to think about the issue of abortion, and more concerned about stating his orders position on the issue; in other words, to come from a “I” or “we” stance instead of a “you” stance. “Change your mind, President Obama” is not going to achieve the reults you want. Prayer will.
    Also, Fr. Cleary speaks of not having any influence at Notre Dame! This truly is the most puzzling statment I have heard. You are head of your order, are you not, Father Cleary? One begins to understand the need for leadership that is clear and unequivocal. Sadly, instead, a brother priest, Fr. Jenkins, has made a horrific decision. The blind are truly leading the blind.

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