‘Browbeating’ pope’s comments on condoms

Is anybody surprised that the secularists poured on the criticism of the pope for his comments about condoms? asks Our Sunday Visitor’s blog.

Under the headline “Can you handle the condom browbeating,” Russ Shaw, a contributing editor for the weekly national Catholic paper, talks about the response to the pope’s remarks on the fight against HIV and AIDS that he delivered during his Africa trip.

“Surprise! Surpise! The pope said something about sex and the secular culture went bonkers,” begins Shaw.

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One Response to ‘Browbeating’ pope’s comments on condoms

  1. kwelos says:

    I see that on his current visit to Africa, Pope Benedict has repeated his critique of Islam regarding irrationalism and propagation by violence, though in a more low-key way than at Regensburg.

    Hopefully the easily-offended ones will refrain from any reprisals.

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