Prayers for seed and soil

Tonight in the Diocese of Evansville, Ind., Catholics will gather for a Rogation Day Mass to be celebrated by Bishop Gerald A. Gettelfinger at St. Bernard Church in Rockport. 

“If you are a farmer or a gardener, I invite you to bring a bag of soil and some planting seeds to be blessed during the service,”  said Father John Boeglin, director of the diocesan Rural Life Conference, in a story in The Message, the Evansville diocesan newspaper.

Rogation Days are traditionally agricultural celebrations, the priest said, but he noted that “these days underscore the dependence of all people,  urban and rural, on the fruitfulness of the earth, on those who work the farms, on those who provide the resources and the technologies for plentiful food supply.”

Most of all, he added, they “remind us we are completely dependent upon God or favorable weather and protection from terrible storms and pestilences which can literally destroy a crop.”

And “we can all pray for a safe and abundant food supply” and for the safety of farmers as they “drive their large implements to the fields,” he said.

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