More on AIDS and condoms in Africa

In the ongoing discussion about Pope Benedict XVI’s remarks on condoms and AIDS, I have found that many people are reacting from a very logical, Western perspective. However, the reality in Africa is different.

America magazine has one of the best perspectives on this I have seen: a March 18 blog post by Jesuit Father Jim McDermott explains the situation in Africa in a frank, powerful way. He refers to a very good 2007 interview with Jesuit Father Michael Czerny, coordinator of the African Jesuit AIDS Network. Good reading for those looking for context!

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2 Responses to More on AIDS and condoms in Africa

  1. Holly says:

    First of all Im not trying to comment on irresponsibility to one who should take responsibility for one’s sexuality and teaching.
    Many people will not get an excellent teaching on fertility and sexuality which leads to some of our problems today.
    What the European Community forgets is that the Pope is speaking about the Catholic Community and how it is affecting them in terms of sexuality and the family.
    He is trying to protect his flock against a world that promotes promiscuity and constantly chips away at the churches teaching on solid marriage and family values.
    What does the European body know about church teaching or do they know nothing at all about it?
    He did not make this remark to the secular community because the secular community is only going to oppose him anyway. He is trying to teach how the Catholic Community is suppose to conducting itself from the teachings of Theology of Body from John Paul II and other teachings from its encyclicals.
    By the way why is the European community so upset with the Pope for trying to help his flock? If the secular community wants to know our truths then they should study them.
    He hasnt imposed his views on them he was talking about the rest of us who serve and learn under the Magisterium.
    What he is basically saying is that he is aware of the world and what it is teaching in the secular community about promiscuous sex by promoting condoms even in the face of a deadly disease. He knows that the world body is going to do exactly what it wants. He isnt stupid and out of touch he knows exactly what people do. After all your telling me that the Church knows nothing about sin in the world? It doesnt study it and problems that ensue from the present into the future?
    What astonishes me is that the European body doesnt get what he is trying to teach on morals and what is going on in the world.
    The question we should be asking is how did we get to this point after the sexual revolutions of 60’s and whats more how different is the world from the time Pope John wrote Humanae Vitae.
    I would like to hear what the world body sees from that time to the present regarding our society and why they keep their eyes shut as to what is really going on and why?
    I want to know why unwed mothers keep propagating in our society? Not out of predjudice towards them but it seems to be an epidemic and one that no one even looks at.
    I want to know why males dont take responsibility and why they are missing the total picture?
    Are these questions to far above society that they cannot be resolved?
    Why is there a rejection to church teaching when the world doesnt take the time to look at what they are trying to say?
    Again I say what is world body continually promoting promiscuity etc?
    Love in Christ
    Brothers and Sisters.

  2. irene grossi says:

    I wonder why the church refuses to protect the newborn, as much as possible, with the use of contraceptives. Pregnant women, knowing the future of their unborn baby, disease, starvation, death carry this child without the normal feelings of a mother. Is the church responsible for all this pain? People need to hold onto something sacred–even at the risk of such a sacrifice.
    Still Wondering!!!

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