NZ Catholic: ‘Pope thwarts US Catholic population’

In an interesting editorial from the staff of the NZ Catholic, New Zealand’s national Catholic newspaper, readers get a taste of the country’s perspective on Pope Benedict XVI’s meeting  last month with U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House of Representatives.

Remember that Pelosi, a pro-choice Catholic, fueled quite the controversy when she told Tom Brokaw on “Meet the Press” that for centuries the church  had not been able to agree on when life begins. 

Referring to the unique no-photos policy of the pope-Pelosi meeting, the editorial said the reason for the “snub” was obvious.  That was the pope’s way of saying, “I know what you said.”

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8 Responses to NZ Catholic: ‘Pope thwarts US Catholic population’

  1. greg says:

    The Holy Father should excommunicate heretic Pelosi rather than just deny her a photo op.

  2. Duane Lamers says:

    Thanks to an almost complete lack of leadership among the US hierarchy for decades, Catholics have drifted from the substance of Catholic teaching. The “leadership” of the US Congress is dominated by leftists and other assorted liberals who claim to be Catholic, and no bishop until recent times has publicly called them on this matter. Even today there are bishops and cardinals (Wuerl and his predecessor McCarrick in DC, to name just two) who refuse to take a public stand on public matters proclaimed by public politicians–who say they are Catholic.
    And most recently we’ve had brazen attempts by Democrats in the Connecticut legislature to wrest control of Catholic parishes from the clergy!
    When we lie down at the doorway like doormats, we can expect to be treated as such. The hierarchs have themselves to blame. Ratzinger has some major housecleaning to do in the American Church.

  3. Mark says:

    The lack of leadership at the diocesan level can be traced in part to how powerful and popular John Paul II was. He had the status of a major celebrity when he traveled, and he traveled often. As a result, I would guess most people paid much less attention to their own bishop. I have met my bishop and been around him on other occasions, but I feel like I know a lot more about Benedict XVI’s personality and vision than his. Few of whatever public statements my bishop makes ever reach my eyes or ears.

    But you can’t learn Catholic teaching solely from the pope.

  4. Bob Metivier says:


    This is a good point. Another point to make here is that the NZ Catholic is simply in error in that they did not study nor understand the nuances of the current Pope. Pope Benedict is much smarter and better prepared than they give him credit for. This is a very difficult place to be in. He is constantly aware of the repsercussions of any action. If they would follow his actual words more closely than media reports, they might have a better time of it.

  5. Jim says:

    As a convert to the faith, three years ago, I feel that we
    all should be learning the truths of our faith, and be proud to be Catholic. The Church is an endless treasure, to be discovered throughout our lives. We need to pray for all christians for conversion, and re-conversion.

    Being Catholic is also about not being afraid to stand up for what is morally right, and the teachings of The Church.

    Education, education, education! ! ! !

  6. Wanda says:

    Perhaps the Pope found his own opportunity to explain the articles of faith in private. Let’s hope he found words that were easier to understand than those used by Tom Brokaw.

  7. Ezekiel says:

    Either the NZ Catholic editors are trying the usual Liberal misdirection or they truly just don’t get it. The Pope has met with so-called “pro-choice” politicians in the past without snubbing them. It was Pelosi’s obstinate insistance that this position (and her aggressive advocacy) is faithful to Church teaching, and her direct, public contradiction of the U.S. bishops’ correction of her that claimed for herself the teaching authority of the Church…. that crossed the line and placed her squarely in the anti-Catholic camp, and it brought her the well-earned snub. She’s free to disagree with the Church, but not to claim that HERS is the faithful position.

  8. Elisabeth says:

    The simple fact is that the Pope and the rest of his bureaucrats don’t care about children or families. They are so focused on SEX they don’t give a damn about anything else.

    Look at the 9 year old rape victim in Brazil, pregnant with twins; the bishop excommunitcated her mother for getting her an abortion (like a 10 year old rape victim should be forced to bear TWINS), but didn’t excommunicate her rapist!

    The Pope’s speech in Africa saying that condoms shouldn’t be used against AIDS (that old devil sex again!) when most of the women with HIV got it from their husbands, whose advances they couldn’t refuse.

    The leaders of the Church have no compassion; rather they have a political agenda draped in religion. In their absolutism, they have no kindness, no love, just rhetoric. I’d love to see our traditionalist Pope sell just one priceless Vatican artwork to care for the children in Africa who have no parents, because they died of HIV. And by the way, “Liberal” means generous and loving, which is what Jesus is. If our Church leaders spent as much time encouraging love, generosity and kindness as they devote to bewailing abortion, Jesus’ love would spread worldwide. I suspect that when they meet the Lord face to face he’ll have some harsh words for them.

    You hate abortion. Will you watch a 10 year old girl who weighs 66 pounds carry twins to term, go through labor and give birth to the children of a man who’s been raping her since she was 6 years old? Then will you lovingly pay to support all three children?

    I didn’t think so.

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