How do “new media” affect church communications?

What would you say are the implications of “new media” for the church’s communications strategy?

We had a story today on how a major Vatican agency is considering the preparation of a new document on the topic, and we asked on our Twitter page for feedback on issues you’d like addressed.

Give us your comments below.

Most-viewed CNS stories for February

Better late than never, here’s our monthly list of most viewed stories on during February, in case you missed any of them:

1. Theologian’s criticism of pope draws Vatican response (Feb. 26)

2. Pope cautions against destructive polemics in the church (Feb. 23)

3. Spokesman: News that founder fathered child causes Legionaries pain (Feb. 9)

4. Little Sisters of the Poor ‘thrilled’ their founder will be canonized (Feb. 23)

5. Cardinal uses canon law to stop Vatican official from saying Mass (Feb. 17)

6. Jesuits’ Oregon province, facing abuse lawsuits, files for bankruptcy (Feb. 18)

7. Former Pittsburgh Catholic church being converted into mausoleum (Feb. 9)

8. Claims against Legionaries’ founder don’t change most hometown views (Feb. 10)

9. Vatican orders study of women religious institutes in United States (Jan. 30)

10. U.S. archbishop expresses grave concerns about Legionaries of Christ (Feb. 25)