More from Archbishop Naumann on the Sebelius HHS nomination

Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City, Kan., has been questioning Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, a Catholic, for her support of legalized abortion for a year and a half now, and he has asked her on at least two occasions not to present herself for Communion in Kansas.

In his latest public comment, he now says her nomination by President Barack Obama as secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services is “troubling” because of her abortion stance.

The archbishop offered his most recent comments about Sebelius — summarized in a Catholice News Service report — in his column in the March 6 issue of The Leaven, the archdiocesan newspaper.

In an interview with Our Sunday Visitor, he further explains his stance.

While calling Sebelius a gifted leader who represents Catholic social teaching well when it comes to concerns such as the development of affordable housing and increasing access to health care for poor children, Archbishop Naumann strongly takes the governor to task for her long-held support for abortion.

In the interview the archbishop said he can understand why Sebelius was nominated to the federal post but reiterated that he finds it troubling. An excerpt:

“But I think from the church’s point of view, it’s sad because it places another high-profile, pro-abortion Catholic into national leadership along with Vice President (Joe) Biden and Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi and a raft of others that are in the Congress. And so I think it makes our job as bishops more challenging, because we have to be even more clear that this is not acceptable for a person in public service to say that they are Catholic and then to support these policies that are anti-life, you know go against the most fundamental of all human rights, the preservation of innocent life.”

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6 Responses to More from Archbishop Naumann on the Sebelius HHS nomination

  1. Dan says:

    The various Bishops have to assert themselves here and now or forget about keeping the public Church together. This is a shame these politicians can get away with this Mario Cuomo type false claim. Time to hold them to the fire.

  2. Joe says:

    Any Catholic who sponsors, promotes, encourages, procures or perfoms an abortion is axiomatically excommunicated.

    At a minimum, the USCCB and individual Bishops should make clear that the Kennedy’s, Biden’s, Pelosi’s, Daschle’s, Durbin’s, Granholm’s, Sebelius’s, Cuomo’s and Kerry’s ARE NOT Catholic.

    They should speak out forcefully and ensure that these non-Catholics be refused the Eucharist.

    Any Bishop or Priest who services these non-Catholics with any sacrament except Penance is causing great scandal within the Church.

  3. Jim Ashcraft says:

    The bishops leadership on the abortion issue is weak. They are afraid of the so-called “Catholic” politicians!

  4. Jessica Owens says:

    I find it deeply troubling that we have so many representatives that are pro-abortion while at the same time identifying themselves as Catholic. You cannot be Catholic and pro-abortion at the same time. To accept Christ is to accept life. Period!

  5. gail says:

    The Eucharist should not be used as a weapon or means of “discipline” – the Body of Christ is our means of salvation not sanction.
    I am concerned that to deny or advocate the denial of the means of salvation to any person is a sin against the Holy Spirit because you are denying the power of the Spirit to turn souls to Christ. Our Lord said that the sin against the Spirit is the one unforgivable sin.
    So all Catholics, including priests and Bishops, who pursue this course of denying the Body of Christ to any baptized Catholic should think long and hard about their own eternal salvation and seek help from a gifted spiritual advisor. May God have mercy on their souls.

  6. Frances says:

    When I was growing up, most of my friends were Catholic. They ignored the rules of the church that they didn’t agree with, especially those about premarital sex. They didn’t seem to feel much guilt about it. Sadly, one friend got pregnant and had a child when she was 17. She did marry the father and looking back on it, how funny it was to see this very pregnant teenager in the white dress with the big church wedding. What was not funny to see was what a lousy mother she was. She was simply too young. The last time that I saw her, her little 3 year old was mothering her.

    Lately, I have observed a Catholic church that is becoming increasingly intolerant, with a stunningly dysfunctional priesthood and a church hierarchy that would do anything for money. Over the years, I have watched its truly devout women treated abominably. While their children simply leave the church, they continue to hope for change within. I believe that they need to let their children lead them. The only way to fix the church is to leave it, en masse. No more pleading for equal treatment. Take your money, time, energy, and deep spirituality and give it to the a more tolerant (i.e., Christ-like) church. Believe me, when the money dries up, the Catholic church will change its ways. But, by then you will have found a better church, one that values your voice and honors your contributions.

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